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Funerals at All Saints Church, Kesgrave


At this difficult time you can be assured that the funeral of a loved one will be handled with the utmost care and dignity by the ministry team.

Who can have a funeral at All Saints Church?

Anyone can have a funeral service at All Saints but the basic qualifications for a plot in the new Cemetery are residency in Kesgrave or membership of All Saints. Please contact Robin Spittle if you have any queries over this.

What is the service pattern?

When meeting with the family the Minister will discuss the service in detail and anything can be considered, as there is no fixed pattern. Your loved one may have already decided what their se

rvice should be like or you may have to try and decide what they would have wanted. An organist is available to play hymns and/or music and our iPod can be used for playing a favourite piece of music. Friends and family may like to share a tribute with the congregation  (read by the Minister if you prefer) and then thanks is given for the person’s life through the prayers.

Organising a funeral can be stressful and you may wish to look at the following link for further thoughts and ideas.



Burial or cremation?

There is plenty of space for both burials and the burial of cremated remains in a casket as in April 2013 All Saints Church opened a new cemetery.

It is located in Dr Watson’s Lane, Kesgrave, north of the A1214 near to the junction of Main Road and Bell Lane, Kesgrave.(O.S. Grid Ref TM216458, the nearest post code we have is IP5 1BL which will take you close to the end of Dr Watson’s Lane).

This cemetery is managed by a Charitable Trust which has appointed an administrator to carry out the day-to-day activities and provide a central contact point.


It is possible for Kesgrave residents to purchase rights for burial in this new cemetery – a limited number of plots can be pre-booked. For details of the Rules and Regulations of the cemetery, and application forms to purchase rights of burial, please contact the administrator. Current fees for pre-booked plots are as follows: A plot for double burial is £755, and a plot for the burial of ashes in two caskets is £259


To contact the administrator you can telephone John Herington on 07786 945138, or send an e-mail to

Kesgrave Lawn Cemetery has a Garden of Remembrance in which cremated remains can be “scattered”. For more information on this please contact Kesgrave Town Council on 01473 625179.


Your funeral directors are the best people to assist you with the organisation of a funeral however should you have any questions please contact the Rev. Robin Spittle










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