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 Lord, teach us to pray.’  So said one of Jesus’ disciples. And when asked by his disciples to teach them how to pray, Jesus instructed them to pray what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. Let’s consider the Lord’s Prayer line by line and reflect upon what the words and the sentiments mean:


Our Father in heaven’ – this is an invitation to intimacy with the creator of all things.  Jesus wants us to address God as a child addresses a parent.  To be familiar with God.  To trust God. Whilst we are encouraged to be familiar and trusting towards god, Jesus tells us that in prayer we are talking to our father, God, who is holy:  Hallowed be your name’ – and Jesus encourages us to tell the world that God is holy indeed.


Next we pray,Your kingdom come.’  Here we are inspired to let the wonder, the glory and the grace of God’s kingdom, given to us in the example of Jesus Christ, be shared and experienced by all humankind here on earth.


Your will be done’ – quite simply: let God’s will, not our own will, be done.  Easy to say, but not so easy to do! And for God’s will to be done in God’s time, not our own.  And for God’s will to be done on earth as in heaven. 


And when we say,Give us today our daily bread’, what are we asking for?’   We are asking for bread to satisfy our physical hunger and, we are asking to receive Jesus into our life. Jesus, the bread of life who can satisfy our spiritual hunger.  And here we remember that we are not just praying for ourselves when we make this plea, we are praying for the needs of all humanity.  


Forgive us our sins’ – as human beings we are sinful, it’s part of our condition.  We will sometimes sin, and when we do we may feel disappointed, upset and ashamed.  But we must not despair.

Because through Christ’s sacrificial death and his glorious resurrection, we know that, if we are genuinely sorry, God will forgive us our sins, completely and without hesitation.


But! – yes, there is a but.  We ask God to forgive us our sins,as we forgive those who sin against us.’

As God forgives us our sins, so God expects us to forgive those who sin against us.  ….and to ‘Lead us not into temptation.’ We are human and prone to temptation.  But in the Lord’s Prayer we can call upon God for help.  We can ask God to strengthen us and lead us away from the temptations of this world.  The Lord’s Prayer reminds us all what it is to be human. 


….and, more than this, in our prayer we can ask God to ‘deliver us from evil,’  so that we may be safe and secure in our lives.  So that we may know God through Christ.  So that we may know that we, and everything, are part of God’s kingdom – and that ‘the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours [God] now and forever.  Yes, God’s kingdom and power are limitless!  Amen.


Paul Darbyshire – Curate at All Saints



29th October – 5th November – All Saint’s Exhibition in Church

An exhibition of models of Saints constructed by local groups and schools.

Saints Saints 3 Saints 2 Saints 1 Welcome saints 14963379_1011937955583873_3204627667053060677_n 14947654_1011937915583877_5335783851515551000_n 14938293_1011938028917199_3260534136463469436_n 14925405_1011937842250551_2754697020122012180_n 14925374_1011937835583885_3524689190898346418_n 14922229_1011937885583880_8424212814970848124_n 14915602_1011937912250544_8614258928231093035_n 14915490_1011937962250539_3886253372242343841_n 14523116_1011937858917216_3556370920981525989_n


























More details please contact Claire –”


Sunday 3rd July 2016

Here are a few photos of our “Not the Barn Service” and 30th Anniversary of Robins’ Ordination. Great fun was had by all. Thanks to everyone who helped both prior to, after and on the day itself to make it such a success.

IMG_2173 IMG_2170 IMG_2166 IMG_2154 IMG_2143














Saturday 25th June 2016

We are so pleased and proud to have been at the ordination service where Claire, Paul and Matthew were priested. It was a wonderful celebratory service, and our love and prayers are with all three of them.
13466157_918694348241568_1200224486506945653_n 13466510_918694474908222_6073323529526628979_n







SUNDAY 12th June – Pet Service at the Farmhouse

Here are a few photos from the Pet service. Thankfully the rain held off making for some happy pets and their owners.
























Church Flowers

We really appreciate all those who contribute to our beautiful flower arrangements in church and would welcome more people on the rota to provide and arrange the flowers in the two altar pedestals. People tend to be on the rota just once a year and at a time that suits them; perhaps tying in with a special anniversary. The arrangements don’t need to be elaborate at all, and can be a mixture of greenery and flowers. Please have a chat with either Maggie Thomas 624699 or Jenny Billinge 626110 if you think you might be interested in doing this. Many thanks.


Growing in God is the Diocesan vision for growth. It aims to encourage church communities across the Diocese to become more engaged in God’s involvement in the world.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the Growing in God evening last Tuesday we had a good turnout of people.

For those of you who were unable to attend there were some good discussions and points raised.

At the end of the evening everyone was given 3 votes, 1 for things we want to achieve as a church in the next six months and 2 for what we want to achieve in the next two years.

The results were as follows:

To be achieved within the next six months:
• Prayer is the Key: Sunday teaching series, followed by one or two prayer workshops, encouraging personal prayer, prayer groups and prayer triplets.

To be achieved within the next two years:
• Do seasonal activities to improve the environment E.g. Litter pick, Grass clearance in the churchyard, Leaf sweep. Aim for four a year. Have an evening where we get people to sign up to a lifestyle covenant.

• Survey our 20-40 year olds to find out how they spend their leisure time and establish whether there are any new activities which we could do as a church, which would replicate what they already do on their own. E.g. Sunday afternoon ramble/dog walk. Football on the field. Cuppa in Costa.

The evening was only the beginning of the work that needs to be done and we look forward to the journey that lies ahead and hope that even if you were unable to attend you will continue to support us and join us on the journey in the future.


The Annual Barn Service, BBQ and Fun Afternoon 

Although it was drizzly, it was still well attended and a great community day

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VE Day

VE Day Party Celebrations well underway on 10th May



Pet Service

Great turnout and range of pets at The Farmhouse for the annual pet service on 10th May

Photo’s kindly taken by our friend Gavin Hamilton of Kesgrave Cameras

Pie and Mash (5) Robin with the snake (1) Service and animals (9) Service and animals (10) Service and animals (40)




















Mens Breakfast

The first Men’s Breakfast on Saturday 25th April was a huge success! DSC_0059













Eastivity 2015

A fantastic telling of the Easter Story in Breakfast Special today!













Remembrance Sunday

A beautiful creation hanging on the Altar, made by the Wednesday Crafty Coffee Club













A Starring Role on ‘Top Gear’

Our good friend Sue Chittock (previously Church Treasurer) is currently serving as a Lieutenant in Camp Bastion, Afganistan and has been since September 2013. Recently she was spotted waving a bunch of glow-sticks  in the crowd of a Gary Barlow concert on the TV programme ‘Gary Barlow: Journey to Afganistan’. On the 9th February she will be playing a larger role on an episode of Top Gear. This is what Sue has said about the experience:

“James May came out and joined me in my vehicle for part of the Op! He conducted an interview with me with us both in the turret whilst being filmed from the rear of the vehicle! He was a nice chap. Our crew was all female so I felt he was a bit wasted on us…especially since I have not watched one episode of Top Gear in my life!!!”


Tune into BBC 2 on Sunday 9th February at 8pm, even if like Sue you have never watched it before it would be a great way to support Sue and see what she and her colleagues get up to.



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