FIG Youth

It’s the original. The legend, that is…. F.I.G! In a previous incarnation, we were known as ‘Christian Union’, but decided we needed a cooler name , because we are, let’s face it, cool.
F.I.G. is a fun and friendly place to hang out and learn more about God and what it means to be a Christian in the 21st Century. Everyone is welcome, whatever your beliefs; whether you are Christian and want to meet others who share your beliefs; or have questions that you would like to ask.


FIG House Group 
Every other Wednesday until Christmas. From 7-9pm, for school years 10+. Come join us for a meal, then Bible study and talk in an informal, friendly group.
For the next few sessions we will be using the excellent Christianity Explored material. 29th November & 13th December. For more details contact Rev Robin Spittle.
Kesgrave High School
We’re often around in school, where we run F.I.G. (were you paying attention?), and do some mentoring, run assemblies (remember the cat food?), take lessons, and generally hang out.
Every Tuesday lunchtime – F.I.G. for years 7-9. Bring your lunch, bring your friends, and join us watching films and having chats about faith, life, and everything in-between!
Every Friday lunchtime – F.I.G. for years 10-13.
In the past, we’ve been to Soul Survivor and Greenbelt festivals, trips to London and Watford, and twice, we have had African adventures, spending time in Rwanda (if you google ‘route to rwanda’ our last trip comes up!).
Sooooo if you bump into us, please do say hello – we’d love to meet you

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