Flower Festival

Blooming Marvellous!


The Flower Festival is over but the friendships that have blossomed because of it will last far longer.


When I proposed a Flower Festival for All Saints to raise money for the Lighting Project I knew it would be beautiful and enjoyed by all – what I didn’t realise is how the whole Kesgrave community would embrace the event, contribute, work together, form new friendships, and work as a very effective, very likeable and capable team. It has been wonderful and I have heard time and time again throughout the event, ‘This has been wonderful for our community, everyone has enjoyed being part of it’. I am so proud of Kesgrave, All Saints, and so grateful too to our outside contributors such as Wickham Market, Woodbridge, and Ipswich Flower Clubs.


There were many people who put in so much effort, and I feel I have to name some of them…


I would like to thank  (in no particular order):

Maggie Thomas and Jenny Billinge – in charge of flower arrangements and raffle; organising team

John Wittgreffe – creating posters, banners, hanging/collecting them in a wide area; hanging bunting; putting up with me talking flower festival non-stop for eight weeks!

Angela Finch, Chris Tremlett, Chris Nunn  – working three whole days and organising team

Sally Wainman – working three whole days and planting 40 containers for the plant stall

Ollie Scase – working three whole days and organising card payments

Desiree Maine- working three days on kitchen and tables

John Fenton and Bob Theobald – endless heavy lifting and carrying

Sue Chittock – running the kitchen Saturday and Sunday

Celia and Alan Coomber (Scouts & Beavers) – for lending/assembling the marquee and garden chairs, and bringing 75 Beavers and accompanying flowers to produce our Children’s Garden

Liz Wigby – for organising schools involvement


There were so very many others too where there isn’t space to name everyone, those who contributed superb cakes and sandwiches, amazing flower arrangements, much needed muscle power, and lots of people who did shifts of varying lengths who together created a welcoming and efficient team.If your name isn’t mentioned please know I thank you for your contribution, so much. Plus all the businesses that contributed to our supplies and our very well received raffle. Our festival was a huge success and each and every one of you helped create that success.


And what did we achieve numbers wise? Over 850 visitors, 120 mini-arrangements made by children, 31 large flower arrangements made by Kesgrave organisations and other friends, hundreds of smiles, contributed to an event raising £4,117.  These are fantastic figures we can all be really proud of; and they kick-off our fundraising for the Lighting Fund magnificently.


Thank you ALL a great big bunch! You are simply wonderful.







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